The New Bob Blog Plan

It was pointed out to me that I hadn’t blogged for a while and a discussion followed about how I find it hard to find the time to do it. Teaching, Bobtale, Ada, pregnancy and just general day-to-day jobs all take a lot of time. I also spend a lot of time at a computer editing and doing admin, so sometimes when I don’t have those things to do, I choose to spend it with my family rather than sitting at a laptop blogging. However, said person who pointed this matter out, also came with an idea that I quite liked and feel could be doable (I’m not promising).

So…This month will see the first, monthly, Bob-tale. Each month I will post a ‘catchup’ type post about what I have been up to. This means there isn’t a weekly (certainly couldn’t do daily - I talk a lot but I’m not interesting enough for that) pressure to blog but I keep up a regular blog post! At least monthly and then when I find myself with tons of free time (ha!) I can still throw in the odd feature blog.

Let’s see how it goes…

Week 25-5.jpg