Looking Forward...

2017 was a pretty momentous and memorable year for us. We have had so much to be thankful for.

  1. First full year of being a Mummy and Daddy
  2. Moving into the house we have worked so hard for the last year.
  3. Taking Ada on her first holiday to Walt Disney World
  4. Being surprised by our wonderful 'ohana' the Salters whilst at Walt Disney World
  5. Celebrating Ada's christening
  6. Celebrating's Ada's 1st birthday
  7. Celebrating my 30th birthday
  8. Steven's new job
  9. Me going back to work three days a week (and not crying everyday)
  10. And celebrating our first christmas in our new home

Our Christmas has been lovely.

We kicked it off by watching Steven's friend marry his love in Scotland. It was nice to be completely off duty for the day and to be able to enjoy a wedding with some lovely friends. 


We then headed home to our Ada Chops for a full couple of days of christmas treats. We spent Christmas morning with everyone at ours for breakfast before heading to my parents for a 'christmas morning.' This was the first christmas that I haven't woke up at my Mum and Dad's. It hit us Howard's harder than we wanted to admit so this was a little way of bridging my absence. We then walked to Steven's parents where we spent the afternoon before heading back to my parent's for Christmas dinner...a lot of to-ing and fro-ing but we live so close it's no problem. 

I have loved being a Mummy this Christmas. Starting lots of new traditions like Ada's Christmas Eve Box and finding her the perfect books for her in the lead up to Christmas Day. 

ada xmas-3.jpg

Her Christmas Eve Box was one I ordered online after seeing it on Instagram but now for the life of me cannot remember (or find!) which company it was. Doh!

I filled it with a 'That's not my" book (a favourite range of hers...she's very tactile like her mama!), some PJ's that read 'Ada Believes,' some white chocolate snowmen from Barton Grange, HappyLand Christmas play set from the Early Learning Centre and a christmas ornament. 

My intention is to include a new ornament in her box each year and then when she leaves home and has her own tree, she will have a whole tree's worth of beautiful decorations. 

ada xmas-4.jpg

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you have been as blessed as we have. I will post about my new year's resolutions next and blogging more is up there on the list.

See you real soon lovelies...