2018 Goals

I am determined to be more disciplined this year. I am determined to make these resolutions/goals and stick to them. I get that people say you shouldn't need a new year to start but it certainly does give you a kick up the backside. 

I have been asking family and friends what their resolutions are and I haven't been inspired by many (Mr S came up with "not eating crisp" - not the inspiring conversation I was hoping for but probably very true and highly unrealistic). 

So here are mine.


Yes, it's true, I love to drop a 'bloody' or worse (sometimes bloody just doesn't quite cut it!) into a conversation and I hate that it has become a habit. I'm not sure whether it's because I can't swear in work so it seems to all come out at once or whether it's simply a very bad habit. I sound like Carrie Bradshaw on a good day and Samantha on a bad. I need to be much more Charlotte...channel Charlotte, Robyn. 


Not ground breaking or revolutionary but keeping it simple and realistic. I used to drink gallons when I worked full time but since being off on maternity leave, drinking is such a luxury some days. I can see the difference in my skin when I do drink more so this is a no brainer. 


Whilst on maternity leave, walking with Ada has to have been one of my favourite things to do. Whether in the pram or the baby carrier, a trip to the post office or farm shop - we loved that time together. Now being back at work and with the weather turning cold, I haven't done it as much as I had been doing. So I hope to continue to walk and spend those times exploring with Ada. 


We have spent so long (the royal 'we' we all know really it was Mr S's blood, sweat and tears) renovating our house that now we are living in it we have just been enjoying it. We still have a lot of the furniture we stored from our last house so I want to start focusing on each room and making it the way we intended. We also need landscaping DESPERATELY so that will take priority. 


When you become parents, as wonderful as it is, you each become second to each other. That little one is priority for both of you and you can quite easily become part of a routine where you co-habit and parent. We have not been out on our own as a two since Ada was born. We snap at each other when we are tired and talk mostly about work, house and baby. So this one is for both of us (take note Mr S, not solely about the crisps).  


Despite being a teacher of reading, I find that I rarely read except in work these days. Instead, I spend my nights getting in bed and scrolling through my phone. So in 2018, the phone is being ditched at bedtime (she says, sat writing this at 10.20pm on her phone! Doh!) and instead find some great adventures between the pages of a book. Any recommendations?


So what are your new years resolutions? What are your tips for ensuring you stick at them?

It's my birthday next week, any suggestions on what to do? 

See ya real soon lovelies...