The Face Behind the Camera

So, this being the first blog post, I thought it best to introduce myself. I'm Robyn (Bobs for short and the Bob in Bobtale), mummy to Ada (or Ada Chops as we like to call her) and wifey to Mr S. We have been married for 4 years now but been dating for almost 12 and a golf widow for the whole lot of them - I knew what I was buying into, don't feel bad for me! Ada kicked our little family off by arriving in November 2016 after, luckily, a short spell of fertility treatment. She's our Rainbow baby after we lost our little Pip back in 2014. 

For the last 2 years, we have been renovating our 'forever home.' We sold our last home in just one week and 5 weeks later we were out, everything in storage and we moved back in with my parents on what we expected to be a 3 month plan. Just short of 3 years later, we have just moved in and taking a house project to a home project. 


I have not always been a photographer - well I have but not in the official capacity. My degree is in teaching and after 7 years teaching primary, 2 years ago I left to teach English to children in a high school who were still working at Primary level or needed a little bit of help to reach their potential. I LOVE IT! Many people ask whether I will give up teaching to photograph full time and my answer (for the time being) is NO! I love my job (not many teachers can say that) so why would I leave?! 

Bobtale formed through a hobby and passion and when that becomes a job, I don't think you will ever not love working. After asking my parents for a 'proper camera with lenses' for christmas one year, I went and trained how to use it properly. Friends then asked me to take photos of their children and posted it on social media and word spread. Suddenly I was photographing people I didn't know for free. So I decided to set up officially as a business.

I am astounded by the growth of Bobtale in such a short time. I have had work featured in Vogue, Tatler, on blogs such as English Wedding Blog and Brides Up North, and I have twice been a finalist for North West Wedding Photographer of the year. My style I feel this year is finally established and natural light, lifestyle photography is definitely my *thang.* 

Aside from photography, I love Disney! If I didn't have two careers already, I would definitely be a Disney travel agent! I love nothing more than a good Disney Vacation planning session. When I grow up I am going to be a Disney Mom's Panel Blogger *shrugs*

I love prettiness in details, love clothes even though I always never seem to have any, cake, hot choclate with whipped cream, words (whether reading, talking, listening!), trash TV, my Lola Lamb and all that's in between.  

Through this blog I intend to mix a little business with pleasure. It will not feature lots about work - check out my website and social media places for that - but for a little insight to being a working Mama. #mumboss 

See you real soon, lovelies...


My Family  Photo: Embee Photography

My Family

Photo: Embee Photography

At just 1 week brand new  Photo: Embee Photography  

At just 1 week brand new

Photo: Embee Photography  


Ada Chops and Me

Photo: Bobtale Photography  


At home, in our favourite spot

Photo: Bobtale Photography