Wild Workshops

Today, my two worlds collided. 

I taught about photography *small cringe.*

I cringe as I still don't feel worthy of this role. I still don't feel I have enough credibility to pass on a little knowledge and help others. However, Kerry from Wild Flowers in Standish seemed to think she and others had a lot to learn from me about how to photograph flowers plus a little social media pointers. 

We (mainly the royal we, as Kerry did a lot of it) set about organising a workshop where people could come along and create something beautiful, have some lunch and a chat, learn how to take better photos of their work and then boost it's presence on social media. 

Today, was the day.

I have been prepping for the last two days, creating a presentation (mainly so there was an order to my thinking and I didn't just talk nonsense), little props and 'jog your memory' sheets. I was finally excited. 

retro tin cans

Kerry text me the night before suddenly realised the clocks went back that night so we got an extra hour in bed. I quickly reminded her that I had an eleven month old baby and I would probably only be treated to an extra hour of Mr Tumble. I was wrong (don't hate me fellow mamas!) Ada Chops decided to surface sometime after Mr S woke me at 8.30am (technically 9.30am) to ask what time I needed to leave. I had no time to be nervous. An hour later, off to Standish I went. 

The morning kicked off with introductions and a demonstration from Kerry on how to make a compote. I learned so much and Kerry certainly made it look like a breeze. The lovely ladies then had their turn and I have to say they also made it look pretty easy. I loved watching how Kerry coached them through their creations helping them identify how they could improve and suggesting ways to develop their arrangements further. 

I headed off to The Allotment on Wigan Lane (near the hospital) to set up for the afternoon. They provided an amazing spread of food for us all with a whole victoria sponge for dessert. We had a section to ourselves and the staff were so friendly and helpful. It's right across from the gates at Haigh Hall and a lovely spot to stop and eat. 

Wild Workshop-36.jpg

Once the other ladies had rejoined me and eaten, it was my turn *AAAHHH* I was so worried that I wouldn't be telling them anything they didn't already know but fortunately I seemed to have a lot to teach so I settled into the run of things and had great fun. 

Wild Flowers Standish

Today has really made me excited about future workshops that could be run and realising there is an audience for this type of day. It was wonderful to meet Jess, Amanda and Jane and chat to like minded, creative individuals. 

Thank you to Kerry for believing in me and asking me to co-host. I had a blast! 

I now have two days off (by off i mean baking and decorating for Ada Chop's 1st halloween tea party) before I return to 'proper' teaching. 

See you real soon, lovelies...